E-Business -- Beyond E-Commerce
What is eBusiness 

The Web is changing every aspect of our lives, but no area is undergoing as rapid and significant a change as the way businesses operate. As businesses incorporate Internet technology into their core business processes they start to achieve real business value. Today, companies large and small are using the Web to communicate with their partners, to connect with their back-end data-systems, and to transact commerce. This is e-business -- where the strength and reliability of traditional information technology meet the Internet.

This new Web + IT paradigm merges the standards, simplicity and connectivity of the Internet with the core processes that are the foundation of business. The new killer apps are interactive, transaction intensive, and let people do business in more meaningful ways.

An e-business is a company that can seamlessly conduct it's business online giving their customers as much access to real time processes as their employees. To affect this concept business must choose to integrate their current back end solutions with front end internet gateways.

This is a powerful concept that eliminates redundancy, increases productivity and improves the time to market of your products and services.

Where to start  

Phasedata can take you every step of the way. As a first step to becoming an integrated eBusiness a company must have control of their internet presence in real time. Business changes rapidly and so must your online presence. That is why Phasedata has engineered the Phase engine solution. The Phase engine is an intelligent platform that allows you to update your online content in real time through your browser. We are not talking just updating prices but the whole site from colors to content to products to delivery.

It's about your business processes, not technology.

e-business isn't about re-inventing your business. It's about streamlining your current business processes to improve operating efficiencies which in turn will strengthen the value you provide to your customers -- value that will give you a serious advantage over your competition.
It takes real time data

As increasing numbers of businesses go online, they face the formidable challenge of building and sustaining a dominant eBusiness. Real time content is the cornerstone of eBusiness, making content management critical to eBusiness success.

The Amazing Phase ENGINE  
Sites built on the Phase ENGINE from Phasedata Corp can enable your employees to manage sales from a single online interface. From order placement to order acceptance to order processing, fulfillment, shipping, and tracking, Phase does it all.
The best part is that your customers will use the same interface to initiate, track and verify the orders! That means that everyone is working from the same system eliminating synchronization delays, inaccurate or incomplete product information and inventory depletion problems.
Expertise you can trust.
Whether you're just starting to take the first steps or are already engaged in e-business, taking full advantage of the opportunities e-business can present requires planning -- this is where Phasedata can help. Our marketing, programming and technology professionals are the best in the industry with advanced degrees, real world experience and the development tools required to implement your solution.
Completely automated financial management
With the Phase engine's integration with Cardservice International's transaction processing gateway plus many others your business will almost eliminate the billing and financial headaches previously associated with running multiple systems to charge, reconcile and deposit funds into your account. From end to end the Phase engine will deliver the potential of eBusiness now.

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